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History of Lloyd Loom®


Our authentic Lloyd Loom chairs are one of our most popular products. Are you sitting comfortably? Now for some interesting history. Weaving warmth into homes since 1917, the Lloyd Loom® weave process was created by Marshall B. Lloyd, an American manufacturer who created the technique of twisting paper around a metal wire and placing these threads on a loom, weaving them into the beautiful Lloyd Loom fabric that has become almost a national institution.

This patented method was then sold to an English company in the 1920’s, where it went on to setting a major style trend in furniture throughout Europe. Today the now well-known Lloyd Loom® weave remains a unique method of producing beautiful, timeless furniture which really does complement any interior style.

We are quite particular about how our Lloyd Loom®  chairs are made, so we can promise you each one has been hand-crafted to be strong, durable and comfortable as well as very pleasing to the eye. They live happily in busy family kitchens and withstand the most raucous dinner parties in the dining room, being easy to maintain as they only need light dusting or wiping with a moist towel.