Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is brimming with character & charm, with its saw marks, nail holes and ridges, each piece has a past and tells a story.  Your console table may once have been part of a ship or your dining table could have previously been a barn door!

At Meyer & Marsh we try and incorporate reclaimed wood into as many ranges as we can.

What is reclaimed wood? Put simply, its wood which has lived a life already, whether that was a door, boat, beam, barn - the list is pretty endless. Pieces are selected, carefully treated and then crafted into gorgeous items of furniture.

We love the fact that all of our reclaimed pieces have their own history, which also means that your furniture is your very own uniquely crafted piece. Those nail holes, saw marks, ridges and perfect imperfections means that you own the only coffee table like that in the universe. 

There are so many benefits to using reclaimed wood for furniture. 

Old wood has a tight grain which makes it super hard wearing and durable.  This gives you total piece of mind that you can use your furniture for its intended purpose without worrying about the odd small bump or bang – perfect for busy families! Reusing wood that has lived a previous life decreases the demand for newly sourced timber so in buying a reclaimed piece you are doing your bit for the environment. Every single piece is completely unique.  Whether you have a Vince dining table or a Shalford sideboard you can guarantee that it is the only one of its kind.

One last thing - the environment. Up cycling wood and creating tables, chairs and other delights means we haven't had to chop down a new tree, plus the energy used in processing new timber is more than ten times the amount of that used in reclaimed processing. 

Exclusive, and so full of character, durable and environmentally friendly - what's not to love about reclaimed wood? You can check out our lovely reclaimed ranges online here, but better still, come and see and touch the real thing in store.