Our Do’s and Don’ts of furniture buying

Buying furniture can sometimes be daunting. Be it for your first or new home or replacing well-loved but worn out furniture. Where do you start?

At Meyer & Marsh we recommend taking your time, don’t rush or be hurried into making a purchase.

Here are some tips we think will help you make the right choice when choosing the furniture for your home….

Start by gathering ideas. Use magazines, Pintrest, or even take photo’s of your favourite places ie friends homes, hotels, even cafes. Collect all the ideas you like and then see if they have a common theme or colour scheme or decide if you need to narrow down your ideas.

Once you have a general idea of what you are looking for, select the items and where you would like them to fit in your house. Spend time measuring to check they will fit. A great idea is to tape out the maximum size of a table or sofa on the floor and make sure you still have room to pull out chairs, place side or coffee table and generally move around the room.

Alongside measuring to make sure the furniture fits in the room, please don’t forget to measure doorways, check for awkward tight corners etc, we have to be able to get your furniture in!

Delivery Van

Armed with this information of pictures and sizes (and maybe even a budget) you can then get out looking for your dream sofa, dining set etc knowing it will fit perfectly into your home.

At this point we’d like to stress that although internet buying is great and you may sometimes seemingly get a slightly better deal (always check for hidden costs), nothing replaces seeing and feeling the quality of the goods you are buying. How do you know if a sofa is comfortable if you haven’t sat on it?

By going into store you will find out much more information about the product than you will on line. An experienced salesperson will be able to tell you all about the product, where and how it is made, the materials and different finishes used, also the guarantees available on that product. We also might be able to find you what you are looking for even if you haven’t seen it online or in store.

At Meyer & Marsh we feel the more times you visit and sit on, touch and experience the product the better. You should never feel you are being leap on as soon as you walk into a shop, and never be pushed into buying something you’re not sure about or know won’t fit well. Lastly do not feel pressured by deals and offers. The salesperson should be able to provide you with information of when that deal ends, so you know how much time you have to make your decision.

Nothing replaces good customer service, where you should be provided with excellent product knowledge, help with ideas, problem solving and colour schemes, great customer care from start to finish and delivery and assembly of your goods. Along side the peace of mind that if there are any issues that arise they will be dealt with in a personal manner rather than be treated as a number.

Furniture buying should be a pleasant enjoyable experience, where you walk away happy and confident with the purchase you have made and look forward to receiving and using your new furniture with peace of mind that you made the right choice.