Fixed or extending dining table?

Aside from choosing a table that looks good and fits in with your kitchen or dining space, it’s important to do your homework on whether you need a fixed or extending table. Most of our dining table ranges in store and online are available in both fixed and extending options, so if you spot a design you like it’s just a matter of deciding which version is right for you and your home. Our dining tables are made from real wood, so take many, many years to wear out – you need to make sure you do your homework in choosing what works best for you as it will be with you for a long time!

Practicality & Size

Be honest - how many people do you usually feed and how many just on occasion? If you have plenty of space, then an extending table offers you the flexibility to cater for extra family members or guests, but if it’s restricted then you need to cater for your everyday needs rather than the Once-Every-Christmas occasion! Take into account where in the room the table will sit, and how easily chairs can fit around it once it is extended. Storing additional dining chairs also needs to be considered, if they aren’t being used on an every day basis.


A fixed dining tables will be lower in cost than an extending version in the same range, so if you are sure that you know how many people you need to seat, or restricted in size, then a fixed table is a straightforward solution.

Extension options

Extension leaf

The simplest way of adding length to your table, a leaf can either fit on either end, or in the centre part. Some leaves with store away underneath the table top such as our Powick 140 and 180 tables, whilst others such as the Shalford 200 need to be stored separately.

Powick centre extension 

Shalford 50cm extension leaf


A brilliant yet simple mechanism that allows a central piece to fold out into the centre of the table, shown on our Oakley round range. The table edges pull apart, extending the table top circumference from 120cm to 155cm and turning the round table (to seat 4) into an oval, which can then seat 6 people.

Oakley Round extending table

Looking after your table

Whether its fixed or extending, make sure you clean and care for the wood using the correct products, and wipe up spills as soon as you can. If you have an extending table, we always advise you to leave it extended for the first week in your room, so that the wood can acclimatise. If you don’t use the extension regularly, make time to occasionally open and close the mechanism to make sure the components are kept mobile. Make sure that the clips on the table are always locked when the table is in use, to support the frame and stop the wood warping.