EasyClean Fabrics

A sofa is a large purchase for most people, and we tend to spend a lot of time when making the final decision on making sure it’s comfortable (probably THE most important factor), it has a quality build, it fits in our home, and choosing the style the feel and colour of the fabric….

All very important points, which at Meyer & Marsh we believe you should take time and care to consider, but how many people think about the make-up of the fabric they are choosing?

Have you ever heard of our brilliant Easy Clean fabrics?

Studies show that the average adult in the UK can spend up to 13 hrs a week sitting watching TV, let alone the time spent with friends having a drink and a chat or maybe just settled down reading a good book. That’s a lot of bottom time your sofa sees!

Now let’s also take into account, that our sofa’s see a lot of action. Most of us eat and drink on them, and those of us that have children and/or pets know how much they can contribute to the wear and tear of our furniture. In fact, we often hear that people feel they have to choose leather or faux leather options because they have children or pets.

Then finally let’s throw in the recent development of Covid-19 and the impact that has had on us all and highlighted the value of being able to keep our homes clean and sanitised with ease.

Well, we are here to tell you that as beautiful as leather is (and we have some fabulous leather sofas to choose from at Meyer & Marsh) is not your only option, there are many other hardworking beautiful fabrics available in a wide range of colours and textures for you to choose from in our EasyClean ranges, that will do a lot of the hard work for you. So design and cleanability do not have to be mutually exclusive. You can have that sumptuous sofa in a plush looking velvet or fresh look linen and not have to fret about it getting ruined!

Our EasyClean HD fabrics are durable yet soft to the touch with the benefits of stain free Technology. But what is this?

There are those of us out there who remember the days of Scotchguard, where you physically sprayed a protective layer on your fabric. Well like most things, times and technology have moved on. We now have the know how to make EasyClean fabrics with ‘built in’ protection contained within the individual fibre using ‘clean’ chemicals and techniques.

Eco-Concscious? Well, FibreGuard is Certified under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This means it will not release any harmful finishes or chemicals into the world, it means not only is it good for the environment it is good for your skin.

High Martindale rub counts (meaning highly durable fabrics that withstand daily rigours and will last) and clever FibreGuard technology, we can’t promise that an EasyClean fabric Sofa will make your life stress free, but it will make it a little easier! There is also a huge variety of fabric types, such as velvets and linen-look, as well as a beautiful selection of colours - here is just a selection of our gorgeous Plush velvet palette.

 EasyClean fabrics give you the ultimate gift of peace of mind. With the technology built in, all you have to do is use a PH neutral household soap and water!  Common household stains, such as chocolate, coffee, red wine, crayon, ketchup, mud and yogurt are easily removed. Blot with a clean damp cloth for general maintenance, for spills and stains use water (occasionally some household soap) to blot then let air dry.

Want to see fabric samples in your own home? Just pop over to our sofa pages where you can order them online, or pop into store to see the entire collection. 

A selection of EasyClean fabrics at Meyer & Marsh are available on more than 10 of our ranges, and include Plush, Lovely, Keylargo and Scribble.