Choosing the right dining chair

So how do you choose the right dining chair for you and your family?

We would suggest there are three main points to consider. Use, comfort and style.

Are you a busy family with young children and/or pets? Do you like to entertain? Where are your table and chairs situated? Or is it purely there for show and you actually never sit at it to eat!

All important questions, so let’s start at the top….

If you have a busy family life, your chairs are going to see a lot of action. So, a good suggestion would be to start with choosing the correct material. A faux leather, wood or wipe clean Polyester Velvet would be our top picks. All hard wearing and easy to clean off any spills or sticky fingers. Also if you have younger children maybe consider adding in a bench to the equation. Benches are great for squeezing on that extra person, easy to climb up on and can create the illusion of more space around your table

Bear pets in mind - is it easy to rid the cat/dog hairs, maybe opt for a metal leg rather than a wooden one to stop any temptations to scratch or chew?

If you love to entertain and spend hours with friends or family around the table then comfort is of the utmost importance. Nobody wants to spend all night around a table with their bottom slowly numbing! Make sure you test that the seat has plenty of padding or is even sprung, also as you can see in our handy bullet points below, make sure the seat is wider than 17 inches, this will give you maximum comfort. Remember your bottom might be small but your guests might not be!

Check that you can easily pull your chair in and out, it should be fairly heavy so it does not easily tip over but you shouldn’t have to be a strongman to move it.

Maybe your table and chairs are there purely because you have a dining room but you never actually use it (it does happen), so comfort and practicality doesn’t come into it, but style does!

Make sure your chairs fit in with both the design of your table and the look of your home. A modern glass table with black plastic chairs would look quite jarring in a pretty country cottage, you get my gist. You could choose chairs to match your table easy & cohesive but won’t give you a wow factor.

Think about the colours in your home and have accents of colour reflected in your dining chairs in soft velvets or natural leathers. Maybe the modern industrial look is what you’re going for? Remember your chairs don’t all have to match, mix it up and add in a bench. Just because it’s practical doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Always to remember to measure your space, and below is a practical guide how to do so. You need space to pull out your chairs and move around them.

  • Always measure your chair at its widest point
  • Anything narrower than 17 inches will be uncomfortable for long periods
  • Most tables are 30 inches tall or more
  • Allow approximately 12 inches from the chair’s seat to the top of the table
  • Allow for at least 38 inches between the chair and any other walls or furnishings
  • Chairs with arms require additional space